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Stereotyping, no matter the target, is not the path to unity

November 18, 2016

First, let me say that I am an avid Independent. I often feel misplaced and mystified by how polarized our two major parties are, and find myself at a loss without a party that satisfies my beliefs. By November 8, my heart an...

The Democratic party lost its soul, then lost America

November 18, 2016

The modern Democratic Party died as it lived, oblivious to the signs of trouble around it. The majority of Democrats supported Hillary Clinton’s nomination, the embodiment of the establishment, despite ominous signs of her un...

How liberals led Trump to victory

November 18, 2016

Nineteen months ago, in April 2015, I drove up to New England College, a local university back in my home state of New Hampshire, to attend one of Donald Trump’s first rallies. I went for two reasons: half to cover the event as...

Franken campaigns for Clinton at Mac

October 20, 2016

Almost 200 Macalester students filed into the John B. Davis (JBD) Lecture Hall in the basement of the Campus Center on Monday night, as Minnesota Senator Al Franken visited Macalester for the first time since 2014. Franken ca...

Democalypse 2016: A farewell to Marco Rubio and a farewell to sanity

March 25, 2016

Last Tuesday, after a fierce campaign and despite engagement of supporters from both sides of the political spectrum, Marco Rubio lost his home state of Florida and all of its 99 delegates to Donald Trump. Following this decisive lo...

MTW actually a success

March 7, 2014

The “More Than Words” campaign is inspiring the very dialogue Mr. Garcia has criticized it for, evident not only by his response, but the conversations many of us have engaged in with one another because of its atypical ap...

“More Than Words” relevant regardless of upbringing

March 7, 2014

Nobody leaves college the same as when they stepped in. When debating whether the history or the intent of a word matters more, the purpose of the “More Than Words” campaign is lost. Jeff Garcia himself admitted that: “...

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