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Is President Brian Rosenberg Rich? A Brief Investigation

The Mac Weekly

December 6, 2018

Anna Schmitz '14 My phone lit up this morning with dozens of Whatsapp notifications as I sat in a work meeting and attempted to concentrate. When I left the meeting, I immediately checked my phone and saw that it was a group cha...

Department of Multicultural Life close to hiring dean

Rebecca Edwards

March 29, 2018

After five months of searching, Macalester has narrowed its pool of candidates for the vacant position of Dean of the Department of Multicultural Life (DML) to three. On March 27, 28 and 29, each finalist for the position visited c...

The Trump Administration, One Year Later

Matthew Raskob

January 26, 2018

One year after Donald Trump took the oath of office, a popular take among the savviest members of the chattering classes is that the Trump administration is in disarray, historically unpopular and unaccomplished. This assessmen...

Faculty to focus on advising

Hamzah Yaacob

October 7, 2016

By Hamzah Yaacob and Katie Jolly The 2016-17 academic year is an unusual time in the Provost Office. For the first time in recent years, faculty development and review will be shaped by a theme—this year will be the Year o...

Laurie Hamre to retire at end of academic year

December 5, 2014

Vice President of Student Affairs Laurie Hamre announced on Monday she will be retiring from Macalester at the end of this academic year. Hamre has worked at Macalester for 23 years, serving in her current position as Vice P...

Pat Traynor to leave Macalester at end of year

December 5, 2014

Pat Traynor, the Executive Assistant in the Office of Student Affairs, will leave Macalester at the end of this year. Traynor has worked at Macalester for over 30 years in various roles, and has been in her current position si...

A call for administrative accountability and transparency

October 31, 2014

During October’s Mock Border campus controversy, students asked administrators why the border relocation decision was made. The Mac Weekly’s article “Mock border wall moved across campus, students frustrated” can succinctly in...

Macalester is and should be a republic, not a democracy

October 4, 2013

In Spring 2013, an embattled administration dealt with a discrimination lawsuit, a controversial student campaign and the resulting probations. We have now, of course, come back into fresh controversy, and new accusations toward ou...

In support of the administration

March 8, 2013

In the 10th grade, I sent an email to the IT staff of my high school calling them communists. Specifically, I wanted to know why websites with flash games were being blocked. This, I had decided, was proof of an authoritarian st...

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