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Laure Prouvost is waiting for you at the Walker

In her new exhibit at the Walker, They Are Waiting For You, Laure Prouvost raises the question: Do we really need language? Sure, language is helpful, convenient. We use language to communicate, to be understood and to understand others. It’s a tool we employ every day, without thinking about it; it’s a habit, a routine….

Redefining Futures with the Iyapo Repository
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Redefining Futures with the Iyapo Repository

Created by artists Salome Asega and Ayodamola Okunseinde, the Iyapo Repository is a collection of art pieces meant to affirm and explore the experiences of people of African descent. The repository imagines a future in which representation is forward-thinking, innovative and inclusive. That future is collaborative by nature. Thus, the gallery itself is collaborative, drawing…