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New Cognitive Science concentration opens doors for Mac students
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New Cognitive Science concentration opens doors for Mac students

At the beginning of this academic year, a group of dedicated faculty and staff were pleased to offer a brand new concentration in cognitive science at Macalester. Cognitive science is the study of systems, both natural and artificial, of knowledge and how knowledge is acquired, stored, and represented. The concentration’s webpage summarizes, “the Cognitive Science…


MCSG welcomes new representatives

The results of last week’s MCSG elections for class representative are in. Michael Bohman will serve as Representative for the Class of 2018 during the Fall semester, and Marco Hernandez will represent the Class of 2019. The Class of 2020 representatives are Salman Ahmed, Natalie Luo, Denise Rodriguez, Omi Strait and Jackson Ullmann. Bohman ran…


When introverts head to class: Finding a new way to particpate

When you’re an introverted college student, there’s one word you dread the most. It appears on so many syllabi. It dominates class periods. It weasels its way into midterm grades. The word isn’t exam or essay, paper or project. It’s participation. Macalester prides itself on participation-heavy, discussion-based courses, especially in the humanities and social sciences….

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Bringing Sexy Mac! Examining sex positivity through a lens of class consciousness

Numerous departments and organizations on campus have gathered over the course of this semester to discuss a common topic: class. At every single gathering, the reason multiple people (myself included) gave for attending the event was that “We don’t talk about class enough on this campus.” I consider myself someone who thinks critically about class…