The Mac Weekly

Meatless Monday idea prompts hearty debate

Malaika Rosenfeld

April 7, 2017

Every lunch and dinner, the Grille station in Café Mac features chicken breasts ready for consumption. The South and East stations can be counted on to provide meat-laden curries or stir-frys, and the pasta station is never wi...

Biweekly Bites: updates from Bon Appétit

March 3, 2017

Have you ever noticed the icons next to certain dishes in Café Mac? If you have dietary restrictions or choose to abstain from eating a variety of foods, these icons will likely guide your daily food choice. These logos are pa...

Vegan cauliflower alfredo sauce is creamy… without the cheese

February 3, 2017

I love cheese. I eat cheese all the time. So when I found out that I was lactose intolerant last summer, I was disappointed . Eating cheese, let alone any dairy product, had never been a point of stress, yet it quickly became a ...

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