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[YOU BETTER] Love Thy Neighborhood

Macalester College is considered a premier small liberal arts institution. We rank among other colleges such as Carleton, Bowdoin, Middlebury, etc. This is not news to the people who go here, but the question of what distinguishes Macalester from comparable institutions remains elusive at times. The most salient difference between Macalester and its comparable institutions…

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Across the River Restaurant Reviews: Bryant-Lake Bowl

I have an internship in Minneapolis, but because I take the limited-stop bus No. 144, in my mind I never leave campus, leading the sort of comatose existence that continual work and academia will bring about. When Noah Koch, friend and fellow Mpls intern, proposed that I meet him after work at the Walker Art…

Food & Drink

Across the River Restaurant Reviews: Modern Times Cafe

This past weekend, my parents were in town and wanted to take me out to breakfast. Let that sink in for a moment. Other times I may have been relegated to the delicious breakfast joints within walking distance—Shish, the Neighborhood Café, and the like—but this time, my parents had a car, making the whole Twin…


Magic at Medtronic

Over 9,000 people participated in the 32nd Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon last weekend. In their ranks were several Macalester students. Alex Klopp ’16, Nina Storniolo ’14, Megan Schwartz ‘14, and Julia Turner ’16 all participated in the 26.2 mile-long run, which started in downtown Minneapolis through the cities to finish up at the Capitol building in St. Paul.

Psyched About Cycling: The roads most traveled by, Bikeways in the Twin Cities
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Psyched About Cycling: The roads most traveled by, Bikeways in the Twin Cities

An experience that got me excited about biking in the Twin Cities right away when I came to Mac was a trip to Lake Calhoun. Though the distance seemed a bit formidable, especially to an uninitiated first year, I was amazed at how easy this ride was—if you take a look at the map above, you’ll see that I was able to pedal down Summit to the River Parkways, hop on the Greenway and make a beeline to my destination.

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