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Give me that old-time religion? Reflections on religion and adjustment at Macalester

April 4, 2014

(Disclaimer: not in direct response to Maddy Jasper’s March 7th article) “I’ve shot a gun, and I’m clinging to religion.” A long, long time ago (well, over six months back, to be exact) I came up with this “brilli...

Response to Maddy Jasper on political intolerance

March 14, 2014

Last week Maddy Jasper published an opinion piece titled “Macalester’s social tolerance translates to political intolerance.” In it, she expresses her frustration with Macalester’s close-mindedness towards her right-wing af...

Tolerance is not a euphemism for multiculturalism

March 14, 2014

The headline of Maddy Jasper’s opinion piece last week makes the correct assessment that “Social tolerance translates to political intolerance.” I wonder, however, to what extent it matters that that this relationship ex...

Macalester’s social tolerance translates to political intolerance

March 7, 2014

“Mac attracts the best and brightest. Macalester students are an open-minded, friendly bunch, more politically and socially progressive than their peers at similar institutions. The school provides an atmosphere of high-powered sc...

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