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Response to Maddy Jasper on political intolerance

Last week Maddy Jasper published an opinion piece titled “Macalester’s social tolerance translates to political intolerance.” In it, she expresses her frustration with Macalester’s close-mindedness towards her right-wing affiliations and beliefs. “The majority of Macalester community members, students and professors alike are very accepting of those who share the same liberal and progressive opinions,” she…


Tolerance is not a euphemism for multiculturalism

The headline of Maddy Jasper’s opinion piece last week makes the correct assessment that “Social tolerance translates to political intolerance.” I wonder, however, to what extent it matters that that this relationship exists. I don’t find it particularly pressing to unconditionally tolerate a political idea that generates harmful political strategies that put social freedom in…


Macalester’s social tolerance translates to political intolerance

“Mac attracts the best and brightest. Macalester students are an open-minded, friendly bunch, more politically and socially progressive than their peers at similar institutions. The school provides an atmosphere of high-powered scholarship and success, pairing academic rigor with global perspective. Teaching is paramount.” – Fiske Guide to Colleges Macalester prides itself on acceptance and tolerance….