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Way Back at Mac: Politics

Trump v. Clinton. Clinton v. Trump. Johnson? I don’t know about you but the ongoing Trump Clinton saga with a few Johnson or Stein interjections has got me pining for simpler times; even the Gore, Bush chronicle with a sprinkling of Nader doesn’t sound half bad at this point. If today’s politics have got you…


Simply voting third party won’t change our democracy

We have one candidate running for president in this election with a surprising lack of foreign policy expertise and another who could be arrested. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Last week, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received a question during a television interview about the situation in the city of Aleppo,…


Elephant in the room: In defense of the third party candidate

There are only two good flavors of Goldfish: Original and Flavor Blasted. Yet when I entered a gas station this summer in search of a nice, fish-shaped cheddar cracker, I found neither of the acceptable varieties of my favorite snack were available. Instead, the shelves were lined with flavors that, frankly, were disgusting. “Xplosive Pizza”…