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Meet the Spring 2016 The Mac Weekly Staff

Meet the Spring 2016 The Mac Weekly Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Kacie Reilly ’16 Arts: Allie Korbey ’17, Sophie Keane ’16 News: Emily Gustafson ’16, Meg Britton-Mehlisch ’18, Celia Heudebourg ’18, M.L. Kenney ’18 Opinion: Jake Greenberg ’17 Photo: Josh Koh ’18, Maya Rait ’18, Henry Nieberg ’19, Will Milch ’19 Features: Esha Datta ’17, Adrianna Jereb ’18, Ellie Fuqua ’17 Design: Max Guttman ’16,...

On the removal of the 2014-2015 editors-in-chief

On Feb. 25, The Mac Weekly’s fall and spring editors-in-chief were both removed from our staff and barred from any participation in The Mac Weekly by a disciplinary committee. They were charged with falsifying documents and failure to comply. This decision was delivered without prior warning to The Mac Weekly staff. Since this decision, The…


MCSG closes out year discussing contingent faculty, internationalism

MCSG took care of last-minute business in its final official Legislative Body (LB) meeting last week. Dozens of guests packed into the Weyerhaeuser Boardroom to speak either in opposition to or in favor of the MPIRG referendum, and the LB addressed several other issues. Professor Geoffrey Gorham and June Ban ’14, both representing the Educational…


Staff Editorial: Want to write for The Mac Weekly?

Maybe you pass the stacks of newspapers day after day in the campus center as you go to lunch, or maybe you pick up your copy every Friday afternoon right when it comes off the presses. But do you know what goes into making The Mac Weekly every week? Our staff is offering you the…

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