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Free the Tampon (finally) arrives on campus
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Free the Tampon (finally) arrives on campus

A national movement is descending upon Macalester: the provision of free menstrual health products in public restrooms. While this sentiment has existed for as long as capitalism has extorted money from people to fulfill their basic health needs, the movement really kicked off in 2013 after Nancy Kramer gave a TEDxColumbus talk on the importance…


Tampons, period. The making of a period-positive Facebook group

This past week, The Mac Weekly sat down with Ana Diaz ’18, the coordinator of the “Tampons, period.” Facebook group, to discuss the group’s inception and goals. TMW: So, can you tell us a little bit about “tampons, period”? Ana Diaz: Yeah, “tampons, period.” is a Facebook group. It’s like in the vein of “Free…