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Award-winning activists to speak on campus in April

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Sonia Nazario and chemist, author and Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher are coming together in conversation this April at Macalester’s Kagin Ballroom. Nazario received national acclaim for her coverage of youth social issues for The Los Angeles Times, including hunger in California schools; daily life for the children of drug addicts; and the…


Macalester community seeks to broaden campus political culture

When Jeff Garcia ’14 arrived at Macalester as a first-year in the fall of 2010, he was unimpressed with the political culture he found. “Coming in as a lower middle class, working class guy from New York, it was definitely a culture shock,” Garcia said. “[Macalester] felt kind of turgid in the classroom and in…

New convocation tradition begins: Dan Gilbert talks happiness

New convocation tradition begins: Dan Gilbert talks happiness

On Thursday, September 4th, Dr. Daniel Gilbert addressed around 1,250 members of the Macalester community for opening convocation. His talk, entitled “Stumbling on Happiness,” sought to reexamine three aspects of life which are commonly thought to be sources of happiness. Or, as Gilbert put it, the three things which his mother says are the source…


Lecture Coordination Board accepting applications

If you could have one person come speak at Macalester, who would you bring? Hillary Clinton? Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? Ira Glass? Someone else? Chances are, there’s someone that you’ve always wanted to hear speak. What if you had the chance to bring that one famous author, that famous politician or that famous scientist here to…


Enviro “Thurstys”: Mac’s longest-running speaker series

Enviro Thursdays are quite a tradition at Macalester. Sponsored by the Environmental Studies department, it is the longest running speaker series on campus. There is no other space where students can interact with speakers such as Bill McKibben one week and senior Macalester students the next. Plus, there are always snacks. However, it’s the speaker…


McKibben headlines recent influx of prominent speakers at Mac

An array of prominent people have spoken to Macalester recently. These speakers spoke after press time. Look for more detailed coverage of their events in next week’s edition. Bill McKibben A noted environmental activist and journalist, McKibben spoke in the Weyerhaeuser Memorial Chapel on Thursday as part of a series called “Celebrating and Preserving Winter:…