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The Health and Wellness Center: From Condoms to Counseling

Por Eiamkamchanalai

January 26, 2018

By the time each Macalester class graduates up to 90 percent of the students will have visited the Health and Wellness Center. The Center provides students with a wide array of services, including short-term counseling, primary me...

Bon Appétit celebrates accident-free year

December 9, 2016

Our goal at Bon Appétit is to have each employee return to their home every day injury free. We make it a commitment to provide our employees with a safe place to work. The team here at Macalester is proud to report that we went one year ...

Turnover brings fresh faces to facilities

October 20, 2016

There are people working in Macalester’s facilities department who have been there for over 30 years. A lot of precise knowledge can be garnered in 30 years, from the nooks and crannies in a building, to the best way to set up...

Facilities pursues alternatives to card access

The Mac Weekly

October 7, 2016

Macalester’s current card access system has malfunctioned regularly this semester, creating both annoyances and safety issues on campus. Sarah Wescott ’19, a resident of George Draper Dayton (GDD) Hall, is among the many ...

MPIRG urges college to require safer conditions for workers

November 15, 2013

This article was written by members of the MPIRG Environmental Justice Taskforce. Dear Social Responsibility Committee members, We, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG), are writing to you today with grave c...

Psyched about cycling: Always use protection: U-locks, helmets and more

September 20, 2013

Despite the bike-friendliness of the Twin Cities—in terms of both infrastructure and culture—safety and security are paramount for the well-being of you and your bike. Feelings of entitlement and complacency are as dangerous in...

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