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Mara and Julia: a symbiotic four-year friendship
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Mara and Julia: a symbiotic four-year friendship

Talking to Mara Short ’18 and Julia Sullivan ’18, it’s clear that they care for each other with the joy and ardor of two people in passionate friend-love. After meeting as first-year roommates, Short and Sullivan adopted all the typical trappings of one’s most intimate friendship: finishing each other’s sentences, playfully ribbing each other and…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Friend… or friendlier?

If you haven’t heard, friends with benefits (FWBs) are the new hip thing. Cosmo, Glamour and Buzzfeed all offer endless advice on how to treat your FWB, how to decide on acceptable versus off-limits behavior and how to avoid being overly friendly-clingy-needy-emotional. From author to author, the advice changes drastically, with each new source contradicting…