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Kyle’s kitchen comebacks

In an interesting turn of events, my family actually reads what I write in The Mac Weekly. That’s hardly a surprise for any of my Facebook friends, but to the rest of you it turns out they took notice. And then they took action. This Christmas I received not one, but two fantastic recipe books:…

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Farmer’s Market Saturday

Everyone loves a morning at the Farmer’s Market. And everyone hates snow in March. So pretend just for the morning that it is not March 29th and still icy out and instead embrace the predicted 50 degree weather and hit the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, one of the only Farmer’s Markets currently open in the Twin…

Food & Drink

Team-themed Super Bowl snacks

The National Chicken Council predicts that 1.23 billion chicken wings will be consumed this weekend. While that’s great football fare, try these regionally inspired menus to show your support for your Super Bowl pick. San Francisco 49ers You fancy, huh?     Crab chowder in a sourdough bread bowl Dip on a dime AVOCADO HUMMUS 15…