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Something old, something new: Tori Ramen takes over Lee and Dee’s BBQ

March 10, 2017

If you are a kosher-keeping Jew like me, or don’t eat pork for other reasons, Tori Ramen is something to get excited about. Chefs/Owners Jason Dorweiler and Asiya Persaud wanted their new venture to be more accessible to th...

Rah’mn to open on Snelling, build your own ramen bar near campus

February 24, 2017

Some trends, like Frosé (the popular frozen wine drink that swept millennial-nation this summer), are short lived. Others, like the recent opening of multiple ramen restaurants in the Twin Cities, seem to be here to stay. Macalester College w...

Responding to criticism: taking responsibility for our content

October 14, 2016

Last week, four authors submitted an op-ed, “How to not write racist food reviews,” criticizing The Mac Weekly’s ramen columns. The piece called for greater understanding of the cultural assumptions beneath the ramen se...

Expanding the ramen repertoire: Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen

Ellie Rudner

October 7, 2016

We’re both fans of miso, especially miso soup and miso ramen. Instant miso ramen, however, was new to the both of us. This ramen came with two powder packets, a hefty “soup base” packet and a small “original spice” ...

How to not write racist food reviews

Asian & Pacific Islander Americans in Coalition

October 7, 2016

An Adventure into Mac ‘n’ Cheese #heymac The name itself, SpaghettiOs, foreshadowed a rather “O”minous experience. The Campbell brand Mac ‘n’ Cheese came in a can, containing a tomato liquid that basically tasted lik...

Expanding the ramen repertoire: Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Noodles

Ellyse Retana

September 16, 2016

As we progressed through our college experience, instant ramen has come to hold an unexpectedly large role in our diets and friendships. We figured if we’re going to eat something like instant ramen, we may as well do it ri...

How does Macalester eat instant ramen?

October 9, 2015

Instant Ramen was invented in post-WW II Japan by a man named Momofuku Ando. The idea came to him in 1945 while on a walk through the wreckage of his hometown of Osaka, Japan. He passed by a group of people huddled around a pr...

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