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Angry counter-punch: understanding rules and pursuing freedom

October 11, 2013

Recently, there have been op-eds concerning the unfair nature of administration action against certain students or certain groups of students, such as the forced resignation of FAC chair Adinah Zilton and the punishments levied up...

Macalester alumni extend an invitation to KWOC students

September 20, 2013

We are alumni who have graduated from Macalester over the last half century, and we support students who are upholding the longstanding tradition of advocating for social change through campus activism at Macalester. As students,...

Confusion on KWOC internships

September 20, 2013

Many students on probation after participation in the Kick Wells Fargo Off Campus (KWOC) protests last semester claim that the Macalester web page “Questions and Answers About the KWOC Protests at Macalester” misrepresents th...

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