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Three-way race for MCSG president

Hannah Catlin

February 15, 2018

When Macalester students place their votes for a new MCSG president on Monday, Feb. 19, they’ll be faced with three choices: Andy Han ’19, Malik Mays ’19, or, Jed Buchholz ’19. The candidates, all rising seniors, have been...

Minnesota Rep. McCollum discusses Obamacare in Kagin town hall

March 31, 2017

U.S. Representative Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) returned to Macalester on Saturday morning, and, reveling in the defeat of the Republican American Health Care Act, packed the Alexander G. Kagin Ballroom for her fifth town hall of...

Macalester professors lead chapter of anti-Trump group

March 3, 2017

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as president of the US in November, a Macalester professor decided to form a group to organize against the new president’s agenda. The result was the Facebook group “Indivisible Saint Pau...

Trump time and American Muslims

March 3, 2017

At first blush, President Donald Trump is correct to identify the safety of the American Republic and its citizens as a top concern for him and his administration. On this, there is no daylight between him and his predecessor, as...

Visiting a Japanese American internment camp in Trump’s America

Kyoko Peterson

February 24, 2017

In honor of Trump’s election, a month ago my mom and I went on a road trip to Manzanar National Historic Site. It was a strange and poignant trip. My Japanese American grandfather passed away only a few weeks before Trump wa...

How to talk to your conservative relatives this Thanksgiving

November 18, 2016

‘Tis the season for family political discussions. While it has become an American tradition to complain about the awkward small talk and the headaches it causes, this is not the time to hide from our responsibilities. Fleeing to...

Trump & Sanders: Why I don’t support either end of the spectrum

March 4, 2016

American politics in 2016 makes me want to cry. As a moderate conservative, I become more frightened every day that my party will be represented by Donald Trump. Even just a few years ago, I loved the caricature of Donald Tr...

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