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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Pregnancy and its pitfalls

A squirming parasite infests the human body, bloodily tearing the flesh of the host after nearly a year of infestation, sometimes resulting in death. The plot of the newest sci-fi blockbuster hit of the summer? Nope, it’s pregnancy! This semester has been an especially fertile one, not only because all of the blooming roots of…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Immaculate misconceptions about virginity

Warning: I’ll be talking about history today, so I use a few instances of gendered language. Skip to the end for regularly scheduled gender-inclusive programming. Popping the cherry, losing the “V” card, going all the way, rounding home-plate. Endless terms for the same antiquated social construction: virginity and the loss thereof. The English “virgin” has…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: The Process(es) of Abortion

Disclaimer: I will be talking about abortion this week, so if that’s a topic you’d rather not read about, feel free to avert your eyes elsewhere. As an unofficial sequel to last week’s column, today I will be discussing what happens when the stars align, contraception fails and egg meets sperm in that ancient little…