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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: revisiting vanilla

By Delanee Hawkins After last week’s column was published, I received a lengthy email from a man named Peter Boots. He introduced himself with a mini-resume: “I’m a bit of an expert on both of the subjects you cover, having taught BDSM classes from 1984 to 1992 at SM Gays in London, and from 1993…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: I <3 the inclusive orgasm

On the evening of February 9, I, along with many of my peers of all genders, attended the “I <3 Female Orgasm” presentation featuring sex educators Marshall Miller and Maggie Keenan-Bolger. The event, which originally visited Macalester in 2011 in a more nascent form, was sponsored in part by a Macalester parent who believed the…


Bringing Sexy Mac: Have a Safe & Sexy Summer!

To usher in the dawn of the summer and celebrate the last TMW issue of the year, I am changing up the format of the column ever so slightly. Instead of answering a single question, I am going to take this opportunity to impart some knowledge that everyone ought to know before the shenanigans of…

Bringing Sexy Mac: the orgasm imbalance
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Bringing Sexy Mac: the orgasm imbalance

As we enter the second week of the new Sexy Mac, I will be introducing the standard question-and-answer format I hope to follow in the coming weeks. I expect to answer between one and three questions per week, depending on the complexity of the question and/or the material I can find on the matter. As…