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Twins Opening Day: A report from Target Field

By Ben Lewis It is April 1st and the Minneapolis skyline sits against an angry backdrop of dark clouds. However, this April day feels like summer. Why? It’s opening day. The Minnesota Twins are playing their first game of the year against the Kansas City Royals. I saw an opportunity to grab a ticket, and…


Baseball’s Final Four: a Viewer’s Guide

Please note: This article was written before the Mets vs. Cubs game that took place on October 21. It is finally October, that month of the year when sports fans all around the country rejoice. October means hockey starts, football really starts heating up and the MLB Playoffs begin. October is the month of the…


St. Louis in autumn: Charlie visits the NLCS

On Friday morning a friend told me that he and a friend had plans to drive down to St. Louis for Games One and Two of the National League Championship Series between the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. Despite the fact that this was not the series I was initially hoping for,…


Flagrant Fouls: How the media treats player conduct issues

We idolize our professional athletes because they amaze us. They amaze us with their gravity-defying jumps and sublime displays of technical skill, showing us the very pinnacle of what the human body can achieve. We pay them millions of dollars, pack arenas and even wear their names on our backs, all in celebration of their…


2014 MLB Season Preview

The 2014 MLB season began March 31 in the shadow of an offseason that saw the largest contract ever handed out to a pitcher, the largest ever handed out to a pre-arbitration player, and the largest ever handed out to anyone. The recipients of those three contracts are Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera,…


A searing series: Red Sox vs. Cardinals MLB playoff wrap-up

Well, baseball friends, it has been a playoffs to remember. As the Cardinals and Red Sox vied for the World Series title, you might have thought, “Wow, these are such boring teams. Just the usual suspects. This is really grinding my gears!” Maybe you wanted the Pirates or the Rays or the Tigers to be…

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