The Mac Weekly

Proposed line 3 pipeline springs activists into action

October 5, 2017

“Pipelines spill, tar sands kill” read one sign from the Hold the Line March to Stop Line 3 on Sept. 28, as activists marched to the state capitol to protest the construction of a new tar sands pipeline in northern Minnesota. Several environme...

Minnesota Craft Beer Festival Preview

March 31, 2017

Get your pint glasses and taste buds ready. On April 1, the Minneapolis Convention Center will be transformed into a beer festival that craft beer aficionados will not want to miss. The Minnesota Craft Beer Festival is committed to...

The State of things: Minnesota deserves your activism

December 2, 2016

With the election, the Republican Party took firm control of the legislative branch. The “Party of No” must transition from sitting in opposition these past two years into the role of governing. The fate of healthcare, en...

Genghis Khan and the Quest for God: A conversation with Jack Weatherford

February 26, 2016

Jack Weatherford is worried about the weather in Minnesota. He’s returning to the state for the first time in four years on Thursday, March 3, to deliver the Inaugural David W. McCurdy Distinguished Lecture in anthropology. We...

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