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Mac Moment reaches $100 million goal
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Mac Moment reaches $100 million goal

Macalester’s “Mac Moment” fundraising campaign launched privately in 2016 with the goal of raising $100 million for the college over four years. The school aimed to put $40 million towards financial aid and $20 million each towards the Macalester Fund, programming and faculty and academic support repsectively The effort went public in Oct. 2018 with…


Is President Brian Rosenberg Rich? A Brief Investigation

Anna Schmitz ’14 My phone lit up this morning with dozens of Whatsapp notifications as I sat in a work meeting and attempted to concentrate. When I left the meeting, I immediately checked my phone and saw that it was a group chat with my four closest friends from my 2014 Mac graduating class. But…


Way back at Mac: Mac Moments thoughout our history

The most recent college campaign, the Macalester Moment, highlights the moments that make a Macalester education unique. A term originally coined by actor and playwright Danai Gurira ’01, a “Macalester Moment” is “that single moment of realization and self-discovery that may stay with you the rest of your life.” We can, I think, all agree…