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“Latino, Art Migration” opening weaves the personal and political

“Latino, Art Migration” opening weaves the personal and political

A visa is required to enter, the curator informed visitors to the opening reception of the Latino, Art Migration exhibition at Concordia University’s gallery on February 2. A “COP” (or so states the badge sewn to her uniform) examined paper “visas” passed out to visitors. She rubberstamped them “ENTRADA” and then pushed a button so…

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Bites on Eat Street: Hola Arepa has flavor off the charts

Located on the northern part of Nicollet Avenue, fondly called “Eat Street,” Hola Arepa is a Minneapolis gem. As the name attests, Hola Arepa specializes in arepas, specifically Venezuelan stuffed arepas, which are cornmeal patties cooked on a griddle and then stuffed with meat, veggies and cheeses and topped with a variety of sauces. Hola…


Adelante! holds [email protected] Week on media representation

Editor’s Note: The @ symbol is used in the terms [email protected] and [email protected] to include all gender identities within those communities. Last week, Adelante! held their annual [email protected] Week, with the theme of “Create Your Own Media.” Adelante! is a student organization on campus that works to increase awareness and appreciation of U.S. [email protected], [email protected]