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Laure Prouvost is waiting for you at the Walker

In her new exhibit at the Walker, They Are Waiting For You, Laure Prouvost raises the question: Do we really need language? Sure, language is helpful, convenient. We use language to communicate, to be understood and to understand others. It’s a tool we employ every day, without thinking about it; it’s a habit, a routine….


Democalypse 2016: Macalester’s problem with conservatives

It pains me to admit how many times I’ve been told, “for a republican, you’re actually really sane.” I have been complimented by my peers numerous times on my ability to respect and hear out liberal positions while arguing for a conservative cause. Due to these facts, I have a question for Macalester: if this…


Joining the dialogue on “More Than Words”

Towards the end of February, Jeff Garcia penned an opinion piece rightfully criticizing the so-called “More Than Words” campaign, pointing out that it favors demonizing seemingly harmless words while ignoring their context and the intent behind them. A week later, we saw a slew of pieces written in response. Brett Campbell, Gage Garretson and Jane…


Continuing the conversation about “More Than Words”

In the Mac Weekly’s February 28th edition, Jeff Garcia critiqued the Department of Multicultural Life’s “More Than Words” campaign, describing it as a plea for self-censorship. In this article, he wrote, “we, as a learning community, must be earnestly self-critical.” We wholeheartedly agree. However, our interpretation of what it means to be self-critical is a…


Responding to Jeff Garcia on the “More Than Words” campaign

In an opinion editorial published last week, Jeff Garcia ’14 criticized Macalester’s “More Than Words” campaign. Garcia asserts that the campaign is a form of censorship, failing to realize that the intent is not to prevent any idea from being discussed, but instead to encourage us to choose less offensive alternatives to harmful language in…


MTW actually a success

The “More Than Words” campaign is inspiring the very dialogue Mr. Garcia has criticized it for, evident not only by his response, but the conversations many of us have engaged in with one another because of its atypical approach. His evaluation of the campaign further demonstrates the necessary nature of this tactic in confronting the…


“More Than Words” relevant regardless of upbringing

Nobody leaves college the same as when they stepped in. When debating whether the history or the intent of a word matters more, the purpose of the “More Than Words” campaign is lost. Jeff Garcia himself admitted that: “There is no doubt that Macalester’s latest awareness campaign has become a ubiquitous part of campus discourse,…