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New IIC hosts forum, discusses work ahead

On Thursday, April 18, Macalester students and faculty gathered in the Harmon Room of the DeWitt Wallace Library for a discussion about the new iteration of the Income Inequality Committee (IIC), led by Mandy Ortiz ’21. The event was held as a forum to both address the thoughts of the speakers and allow for attendees…


The Income Inequality (out-of-) Commission

By Adrianna Jereb and Juliette Verlaque According to the “Student Management” tab on MCSG’s page of Macalester’s website, the Income Ineqaulity Commission (IIC) meets weekly. Except, as the commission’s sole three student representatives explain it, after a mere two years in existence, the group has lost traction. It hasn’t met for the entire 2016-17 school…


Opportunity Partners’ contracts ended

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Café Mac ended the contracts of nine Bon Appétit workers. The workers had been hired through Opportunity Partners, a Minnesota nonprofit that advocates for people with disabilities. On Thursday, Feb. 18, a group of Macalester students, including Café Mac employees and members of the Income Inequality Commission (IIC), presented a petition…