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Mac students learn about global refugee crisis in Ugandan camp

Julia Makayova ’18 and Ari Hymoff ’17 witnessed the global refugee crisis firsthand when they spent this past summer working at a refugee camp in Uganda. Over the course of their time there, they collaborated with the American Refugee Committee, local grassroots organizations and refugees themselves to develop a plan to improve the lives of…

French lecture on refugee crisis

French lecture on refugee crisis

On Wednesday afternoon, Anne-Emmanuelle Deysine, a professor at France’s Paris Ouest Nanterre University, gave a lecture entitled “Immigration issues in France and the European Union.” She gave students an overview of the situation and talked about the lack of political will in the E.U. and France to address this influx. “I’m not very proud of…


Obama and the current state of migrants

In President Obama’s latest State of the Union address, the President cursorily paid lip service to an important, insidious problem in America: our failing immigration system and the uncertain futures of undocumented migrants. In only two sentences, Obama told Congress that immigration reform “means strong border security… [and] putting more boots on the southern border.”…