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An all too familiar tragedy

Seventy-eight shootings. 547 deaths. Thirty years. First were the three weeks of indoor recess in second grade during the Maryland Sniper incident. Then, the hushed voices whispering about the Lockheed Martin shooting in 2003. After that, there was the Amish schoolhouse, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, Aurora, Newtown. In 2012 alone, nine mass shootings— shootings…


A retort: Positives of gun bans

“If you ban guns, criminals will just get them anyway,” is a statement frequently made by those opposed to gun control. For the frequency this statement appears, however, it’s almost never backed up by any data, or indeed by any further statements at all. The mere formation of that sentence is apparently enough to settle…


Bans don’t address root of gun problem

In light of the recent school shooting in Connecticut, many have suggested banning what the media calls “assault weapons.” President Rosenberg has declared he won’t help fund the campaign of any candidate who doesn’t vow support for a ban on “military-style assault weapons.” After all, the Connecticut shooter had a .223 tactical semi-automatic rifle when…