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Two new orgs present charters, vote next week

by Isabella Molano [email protected] The Macalester College Student Government’s (MSCG) Legislative Body convened on the evening of Oct. 18 in the Idea Lab on the second floor of the library. Kate Ryan Reiling ’00, Macalester’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, discussed how entrepreneurship is present on campus – specifically in the Idea Lab, an entrepreneurial project intended to connect…


Examining the role of Consent is Mac on campus

Most students are familiar with the campus aphorism “Consent is Mac.” However, they may be less familiar with the student-led campaign behind the phrase, which is part of the Health and Wellness Center. One of the organizers, Shannon Mahedy ’17, summarized the role of Consent is Mac, saying, “It’s a student-led campaign that started eleven…


What is the point of Consent is Mac, again?

Although “Consent is Mac” t-shirts are ubiquitous on campus, we, the student leaders of the campaign, want to reaffirm the mission and components of the Consent is Mac initiative. We want to acknowledge the foundation of the campaign and what it seeks to establish. The “Consent is Mac” slogan does not imply that consent is…

Landreman focuses on sexual violence prevention in retooled role

Landreman focuses on sexual violence prevention in retooled role

Although sexual violence still plagues many campuses, all across the country colleges are beginning to devote more time and resources into making sure that it becomes an anomaly. Macalester is no exception. This new semester, one staff member in particular is playing a huge role when it comes to preventing sexual violence. Associate Dean of…