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MCSG review report targets three weaknesses, but largely positive

On Monday, Feb. 1, the student body was emailed the culmination of last fall’s Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) external review. While the 17 page document identified issues in the structure, transition process and transparency of MCSG, the reviewers on the whole were impressed by the role MCSG plays on campus. The review states that…


It’s time to deflate the military budget

This year Minnesotans will pay 405.81 million in tax dollars to the Department of Defense Fiscal Year for 2014. That’s enough to give Pell Grants to 73,000 Minnesota students, VA Medical Care to 52,000 Minnesota veterans or wind power to 417,000 Minnesota homes. Tuesday, April 15th wasn’t just Tax Day; it was also a Global…


Small Cents Make No Sense

In this time of massive budget cuts and a crushing national debt, you’d think Congress would be looking for non-controversial, easy ways to save money. Yet an option remains that no one has taken real interest in which would save the country sorely needed millions: the elimination of small value coins. As of September 2012,…