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Rosenberg’s 2016 “State of the School”

On Saturday morning, as part of the annual Family Fest program, President Brian Rosenberg delivered a “State of the School” address in Weyerhaeuser Memorial Chapel. Below are several excerpts from Rosenberg’s remarks, lightly edited for clarity and length. Emphasis added. “The state of Macalester is very good. What I want to talk about is something…

Family Fest food recommendations
Food & Drink

Family Fest food recommendations

Wondering where to take your family out for food this weekend? We’ve compiled a handy guide of beloved Twin Cities’ restaurants to help you out. Contributors: Heather Johansen, Maddie Jaffe, Ashley Hung, Joe Klein, Lindsey Smith, Ty Hoffman, Meg Britton-Mehlisch, Esha Datta, Sophie Keane, Luciano Guzman Graphics by Lydia Karlson ’16