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Letter to the Editor

I would also like to respond to the article published regarding the second floor space in the library. For those I have not yet met, I am a 2000 Alum (Political Science major, minors in Women and Gender Studies and Spanish). I’m grateful for what I was taught here and the way it shaped me….

Macathon and Funkathon competitions draw 33 teams

Macathon and Funkathon competitions draw 33 teams

One hundred fifty-four Macalester students on 33 teams participated in the 24-hour Macathon and Funkathon competitions from Friday, Feb. 24 to Saturday, Feb. 25. In its fifth year, Macathon — a combination hackathon and business pitch contest — tasked teams with designing a product or service that addresses a significant business or social problem. Teams…


Macathon and Funkathon highlight entrepreneurship

If you want to have an existential crisis right now, think back to what you accomplished in the past 24 hours. Now compare it to what over 150 students will accomplish February 24 to 25. Participants of Macathon will identify and solve a problem, while Funkathoners will compose and record a piece of original music….