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Democalypse 2016: Forecasting a summer of election madness

The Mac Weekly

April 22, 2016

In my final article of the year, I think it’s important to reflect on the roller coaster of a primary we have experienced thus far, as well as provide some insight for the coming months. This election has been unpredictable an...

Not “feeling the Bern:” Being a non-Bernie supporter at Mac

April 15, 2016

Macalester seems to have become saturated with supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, from stickers and posters, to every other conversation in Café Mac, to multiple articles and mentions in The Mac Weekly, weekly. Of...

Content: Celebrity presidential endorsements are entertaining

April 8, 2016

Any thinking person bases their political decisions solely upon the opinions of their favorite celebrities. The celebrity presidential endorsement presents a meaningless sideshow in a season filled with meaningless sideshows. Wh...

Democalypse 2016: Analyzing possible paths for MN legislature

April 8, 2016

Originally, I had planned to discuss in more detail the race between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. However, I was reminded that the presidential election is not the only important race we should pay attention to in 2016. While mo...

Democalypse 2016: The Ides of March and the coming conventions

March 11, 2016

March 15, the Ides of March, was a turning point in world history, marking the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire following the assassination of Julius Caesar. In 2016, a different transition will occur in...

In response to Cody Olson’s “Examining Marco Rubio”

November 13, 2015

Republicans, from the perspective of most Macalester students, are very easy to vilify, targeted with the same overtones of bias and narrow-mindedness that liberals generally attribute to their conservative counterparts. I’d th...

Democalypse 2016: Examining Marco Rubio

November 6, 2015

Shortly after midterms were over my best friend from high school visited Mac from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. We discussed the usual topics of any native Minnesotans in college: hockey and the 2016 presidential election. We...

Democalypse 2016: CNN’s GOP debate

September 25, 2015

I’d like to start out this edition by thanking the Macalester community for the overwhelmingly supportive response to my first article. I didn’t expect such a positive reception, especially from my Democratic peers and I...

Polls are useless as predictors of elections

September 18, 2015

by Leo Tulchin Can Donald Trump actually win? Is Bernie Sanders even a candidate? Who would ever vote for another Bush? While tackling such queries, many a self-styled political “expert” will, with the slightest air of s...

Democalypse 2016: A Mac Conservative’s take on 2016

September 11, 2015

Republicans at Macalester: we are a rare breed but we do exist. Personally, the overwhelming number of politically left ideologies played a key factor in my choice of Mac for higher education. I enjoy challenging my beliefs an...

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