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Debate over library entrepreneurship space continues

The Mac Weekly

April 21, 2017

By Jennifer Katz and Hamzah Yaacob Members of the Macalester community gathered in the Harmon Room on Thursday April 13 for a presentation, followed by a question and answer session about upcoming changes to the second floor o...

Elephant in the room: insults, from either side, are not the way

The Mac Weekly

September 23, 2016

Grab your popcorn, find a comfortable seat, and get ready to watch the former first lady and the prospective 45th president get called a bitch on national television. My expectations for the quality of the first presidential de...

In Defense of the Conservative Athlete

The Mac Weekly

April 29, 2016

We currently live in a country that is more politically polarized than it has been in quite some time. According to The New York Times, 50 percent of liberals and 66 percent and conservatives, respectively, view the opposing pa...

Democalypse 2016: CNN’s GOP debate

September 25, 2015

I’d like to start out this edition by thanking the Macalester community for the overwhelmingly supportive response to my first article. I didn’t expect such a positive reception, especially from my Democratic peers and I...

MCSG candidates bring varied platforms to debate

April 4, 2014

At Tuesday night’s debate, about 40 students gathered to hear MCSG candidates discuss big on-campus issues. This year’s election is unusual, with five presidential candidates, three of whom are currently abroad. Of the 11...

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