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Imprints Project shares survivor experiences

On Monday, April 23, a small crowd gathered in the lobby of Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center to stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence as part of Macalester’s second annual Imprints Project: a student-organized art installation that uses handprints and stories to assert the presence and relay the experiences of survivors on campus….


Regarding Consent is Mac

This year, I am not signing the “Consent is Mac” pledge. I don’t think consent is the most effective paradigm to reduce sexual violence, and I believe that Macalester can do better. “Consent is Mac” is part of a larger trend of presenting consent as easy. We’ve all read the think pieces and comics on…

Not the end of Kagin culture: Revisiting new policies

Not the end of Kagin culture: Revisiting new policies

While she saw the new policies as very important, Maze also said, “I don’t think it’s the dance that’s the problem. I think the issues that people are concerned about are larger than Kagins, and to focus in on Kagins, is to ignore the real issue.” The “real issue” is something that many students are conscious of as well.

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Kagins: Are they worth it?

Kagin dances are ingrained in Macalester culture. On Kagin weekends, the question isn’t, “What are you doing this weekend?” but instead, “Are you going to Kagin?” Kagin dances—notorious for their high levels of intoxication and frequent 911 calls—are themed events hosted by student organizations on a regular basis. These dances bring students together from all…