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President Rosenberg, administration respond to DACA announcement

Editor’s Note: The Mac Weekly has a policy of providing anonymity when speaking out may cause harm to a student’s mental or physical health, or to a student’s academic standing. Due to the sensitive circumstances surrounding DACA, the names of three students have been omitted to protect their privacy. Macalester President Brian Rosenberg spoke out…


Congressional Republicans provide hope for climate change under Trump

Surprisingly, congressional Republicans provide the greatest reasons to be optimistic about climate change. Have you heard of the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, which boasts eleven Republican members as well as eleven Democrats? Did you know that Tea-Party member Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC 1st) along with 16 other Republicans co-sponsored a resolution urging climate action? It…


Congress needs to stop playing the blame game and grow up

Congress tried to force itself to make a plan for the deficit by putting a punishment in place if they failed to come to an agreement: the sequestration, or forced budget cuts. Predictably, given the general incompetence of Congress, no agreement was made and the budget cuts, amounting to $85 billion across the board, have been put into effect.