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Green Matters: Waste not, want not

Next week is Earth Week, and Bon Appétit is collaborating with MacFEAST to help reduce food waste in Café Mac through an initiative called Food Counts: the Green Plate Challenge. Showing up at the cafeteria to refuel between classes, it’s easy to forget about the human and physical resources that go into growing, transporting, cooking…

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Café Mac: Pretty or practical?

Upon returning to campus after Spring Break a few weeks ago, I was surprised to find that Café Mac had changed drastically. While we were all enjoying our week off, our cafeteria was undergoing a makeover. The plastic crates for cups turned into glistening metallic carts, the bowls in the salad bar became modernist and…


Opportunity Partners’ contracts ended

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Café Mac ended the contracts of nine Bon Appétit workers. The workers had been hired through Opportunity Partners, a Minnesota nonprofit that advocates for people with disabilities. On Thursday, Feb. 18, a group of Macalester students, including Café Mac employees and members of the Income Inequality Commission (IIC), presented a petition…

Eating with Ellis: Being vegan at Mac
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Eating with Ellis: Being vegan at Mac

Veganism is hard, and veganism on a meal plan is even harder. In order to see just how plausible it is (or isn’t), I decided that I would avoid animal products at Café Mac for a week. Could it be done? Would I be able to eat the same way I normally do, or would…


A follow up on the Café Mac firings

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Café Mac’s reply to my original opinion editorial, “Café Mac workers fired.” (Editor’s note: Café Mac’s response editorial was published late last week online due to its time-sensitivity.) First off, Café Mac and I are making the same argument. Café Mac prefers “full-time, direct employees,”…


Bon Appétit responds to “Café Mac workers fired”

Editors’ note: This article by Cafe Mac General Manager Chuck Parsons was not in the 2/19 print edition. It will run in the 2/26 print edition. To the Macalester Community: This letter is to address concerns that students have expressed about changes in Bon Appétit staffing. As you may be aware, the labor market in…

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