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Activists discuss health reform in South Africa

Two celebrated advocates for accessible HIV/AIDS treatment in South Africa visited Macalester on Tuesday, Sept. 25 to discuss their work. Vuyiseka Dubula and Mandla Majola both partner with Acacia Global, a nonprofit that works to support NGOs in South Africa on issues of social justice and cross-cultural understanding. The organization’s Executive Director Kevin Winge introduced…

Professor Lisa Mueller discusses summer in Niger with USAID
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Professor Lisa Mueller discusses summer in Niger with USAID

Assistant Professor of Political Science Lisa Mueller spent several weeks this summer in the West African country of Niger as part of a team working for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID is the United States agency responsible for administering civil foreign aid. In order to most effectively distribute that aid, the…


Jumping Through Human Rights Concerns

The arcade classic Frogger now has yet another version on the app marketplace, but this time it is about more than frogs. While Frogger has more than 30 official versions and a wide array of other app store versions, previous versions have typically focused on animals as the springy protagonists. The new app “Cross Dakar…