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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Pregnancy and its pitfalls

A squirming parasite infests the human body, bloodily tearing the flesh of the host after nearly a year of infestation, sometimes resulting in death. The plot of the newest sci-fi blockbuster hit of the summer? Nope, it’s pregnancy! This semester has been an especially fertile one, not only because all of the blooming roots of…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: The Process(es) of Abortion

Disclaimer: I will be talking about abortion this week, so if that’s a topic you’d rather not read about, feel free to avert your eyes elsewhere. As an unofficial sequel to last week’s column, today I will be discussing what happens when the stars align, contraception fails and egg meets sperm in that ancient little…


Sharing the tale of Abortion Stories

Laura Johnson ’14 was fifteen when she realized she might need an abortion. That experience opened her eyes to the struggles that female-bodied persons face surrounding abortion and led her to begin volunteering at age eighteen with Family Tree, a community clinic in St. Paul that strives to provide sexual health care for individuals who…