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Bringing Sexy Mac! The ins and outs of coming out

October 10, 2013

I share a lot about myself for this column. Usually found in the opening anecdote, I have spoken about experiences as trivial as constantly hearing the Weyerhaeuser bell as a Kirk resident, and as sensitive as my history of sh...

Psyched about cycling: Always use protection: U-locks, helmets and more

September 19, 2013

Despite the bike-friendliness of the Twin Cities—in terms of both infrastructure and culture—safety and security are paramount for the well-being of you and your bike. Feelings of entitlement and complacency are as dangerous in...

Sustainability update: Refill those new dry-erase markers in Olin-Rice

September 19, 2013

Being concerned about the environment is only natural, but it’s one thing to talk about it and another to take action. As a response, our society often chooses to “buy green,” be “sustainable consumers,” and adopt ot...

Love thy neighborhood: A guide to ride Twin Cities Metro Transit

September 19, 2013

Whether you have been here at Macalester a few weeks or a few years, getting off campus can be a struggle. Students often have many questions, including what events are worth venturing away from Mac and how to get off campus in...

Bringing Sexy Mac! Defining virginity: no popping of cherries in this ‘virgin’ cocktail

September 12, 2013

With the start of classes and the arrival of the student body back to campus (minus our study away peers), the ding of the memorial bell in front of Weyerhaeuser is guaranteed to welcome us all back. For those unfamiliar with th...

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