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Bringing Sexy Mac! Beyond My Immortal: Exploring sexual, romantic fan fiction

March 1, 2013

54K+ H/C HS AU K/S ST (TOS) PWP. To many, this line of seemingly miscellaneous letter combinations is absolute gibberish. Or it may be obvious that it’s a code of some kind, but not one you’re familiar with. But for those...

Bringing Sexy Mac! TTYL: Examining cyber relationships, their unique set of expectations

February 22, 2013

Even though we have only known each other for three and a half years, I can hardly remember a life without my best friend, Steve. Our friendship is one of overly saccharine fondness, one that has our mutual friends referring to...

Sustainable Obtainables: Refills, not landfills in classroom sustainability efforts

February 22, 2013

It seems almost routine that when a professor steps up to the white board they grab a marker, try it out and emit a sigh of frustration that the marker is dried up.  Maybe they’ll make a joke or two about how they never work,...

Bringing Sexy Mac! Experimenting with temperature

February 15, 2013

Lately I feel like I haven’t really spent the day well if someone doesn’t mention the weather. It’s as if the bitter wind chill exists merely to remind everyone living in the Twin Cities just how perpetual the winter is...

Bringing Sexy Mac! Valentine’s Day and battling insecurity

February 8, 2013

Within a week, Valentine’s Day will have come and gone. Not everyone celebrates the holiday, of course, and some will valiantly rally around Singles Awareness Day on the 14th (myself included). Still, the occasion draws my attention...

No Shame Senior Year: Trials and tribulations of a first date

November 16, 2012

If romance and chivalry are dead, does that mean the date has gone with it? After a friend was asked out by an older guy a few weeks ago, I realized that I have not thought about a real, good old-fashioned date in what seems li...

No Shame Senior Year: Discretion, respect, confidence

October 26, 2012

I keep having these moments as a senior, nearly seven semesters deep in Macalester knowledge, where I realize how I have changed in my time here. I can never quantify it to people (namely, parents worried about my applicable sk...

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