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Bringing Sexy Mac! Much Ado About Nipples

All those people who warned me were right: the winter out here is cold and worse, it’s dry. First my hair dried out, and then the skin on my knuckles and wrists turned scaly and red; my knees and elbows began to drink an uncommon amount of lotion. The desiccation has continued, culminating in the…

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The “North” Movement

Over the past few months, the “North” movement has gained much attention both within Minnesota and around the country. Pioneered by Andrew and Eric Dayton, Governor Dayton’s sons, the North movement is pushing the idea of Minnesota associating itself with a new region—the North—rather than the Midwest. The gist of the movement is that the…

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There is a certain solemn immediacy with which I pause over November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). Started to memorialize the 1998 death of Rita Hester, a Black trans woman from Massachusetts, the texture of TDoR has gained more traction for me as I reflect more maturely on my presentations, identities and experiences through…

Love Thy Neighborhood
Columns, Features, Love Thy Neighborhood

Love Thy Neighborhood

This past year has seen a tremendous push by branding professionals both here at Macalester and in the state to update advertising. They are harnessing the power of social media to highlight the great aspects of attending Macalester and living in Minnesota. Earlier this year, Minnesota’s tourism office, Explore Minnesota, hired Colle + McVoy, a…

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