Free the Tampon (finally) arrives on campus
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Free the Tampon (finally) arrives on campus

A national movement is descending upon Macalester: the provision of free menstrual health products in public restrooms. While this sentiment has existed for as long as capitalism has extorted money from people to fulfill their basic health needs, the movement really kicked off in 2013 after Nancy Kramer gave a TEDxColumbus talk on the importance…

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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: revisiting vanilla

By Delanee Hawkins After last week’s column was published, I received a lengthy email from a man named Peter Boots. He introduced himself with a mini-resume: “I’m a bit of an expert on both of the subjects you cover, having taught BDSM classes from 1984 to 1992 at SM Gays in London, and from 1993…

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Bringing Sexy Mac: Let’s talk about oral sex

This week we tackle the patriarchy. Shocker, I know. Disclaimer: the bulk of this column applies exclusively to sexual relationships between penis-havers and vagina-havers, and a lot of the sources I will be using focus exclusively on cis men and cis women. However, I have done my best to tackle this issue in a way…

Bringing Sexy Mac: the orgasm imbalance
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Bringing Sexy Mac: the orgasm imbalance

As we enter the second week of the new Sexy Mac, I will be introducing the standard question-and-answer format I hope to follow in the coming weeks. I expect to answer between one and three questions per week, depending on the complexity of the question and/or the material I can find on the matter. As…

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