Top 10 Valentine's Day songs

By Kevin Williams

Being that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, we here at the Mac Weekly thought that we would help our fellow students prepare for a romantic day with their significant others. Few things are more important in setting the mood for a romantic evening as music. So, our Valentine’s Day gift to you Macalester, is a list of what we consider the best songs for making the best of the day (and night) of love.

10. Superstar – Usher. Using the analogy of the fan – superstar relationship, Usher reminds listeners that its always important to remind your partner that they remain on the pedestal of your heart and that they have your life long dedication.

9. Confidence – Teddy Geiger This is the perfect song for the shy guy. And lets face it, they are here in abundance at Macalester. Yes, it is scary to look rejection in the face. Yes, there is the possibility that it won’t turn out the way that you planned. But it’s your feelings for her that make you do it anyway. As one wise man once said “the knight can not be brave if he is not in love. It is his love that gives him courage.”

8. Over and Over – Tami Chynn The first reggae entry on the top ten list. Tami Chynn’s sensual sound and lyrics definitely sets the mood for a romantic evening. Her sultry voice soothes and creates an atmosphere for expressing the deepest of emotions.

7. Bed – J. Holiday Definitely a song to be put in the category of baby-making music. But at the same time, the song isn’t as lustful as many. Very sensual, J. Holiday sets the tone and gives directions on how to make the special night one to remember.

6. Sacrifice – Alaine Whats the point of being in love if you don’t give it all you got? Alaine reminds all you lovebirds that your partner is worth everything you’ve got to give, and that, if you’re willing to give for each other, love will conquer all in the end.

5. I Wanna Know – Joe Whether in a sexual or platonic relationship, nothing is more important than communication. For it is through communication that you know what your partner wants, enjoys, likes and dislikes. Guys, if you want to be more that just another boyfriend, turn off the slam dunk contest for a minute and listen. And girls, please try to wait until commercial break, if possible.

4. Flying Without Wings – Ruben Studdard “Those are the things that make you mine, all mine. And it’s the flying without wings, ‘cuz you’re my special thing. I’m flying without wings.”

Okay, so the original was by Westlife. The fact still remains that this is one of the best love songs to have ever graced American Idol. Simple and yet so meaningful, Ruben relates how love enhances the simplest pleasures in life. Sometimes its not the diamond rings or the dozens of roses. Sometimes its just the look you get from that special someone that is the most meaningful expression of emotion.

3. Say Yes – Floetry This song is for the secret admirer. The day of love is the perfect day to tell that special someone how you feel, and that the only thing stopping them from being presented with all the love that you can give is their permission. Sexy, and full of desire, Floetry indulges the heart and intices the body, following in the footsteps of Marvin Gaye’s “Lets Get It On.”

2. Dangerously in Love – Beyonce While many of us have some issues with Beyonce (including supposed bleaching and cruelty to animals, particularly those of the horse variety), the greatness of this song can not be denied. Vocals, lyrics, and arrangement come together in a masterful work that finds itself at number 2 on our list. Taking a break from the usual independent woman trend, Beyonce takes time to show appreciation for all that men do for their women. Thank you Beyonce. It is much appreciated. Keep it up, we might even put a ring on it.

1. Secret Hideaway – Tessanne Chin One of the best love songs to ever leave the island of Jamaica (no disrespect to the legend of the late great Robert Nesta Marley). Imagining love as an escape from the world, Tessanne takes you and your significant other to a place where the only thing that exists is the bond that the two of you share. In this perfect hideaway of love, nothing else is relevant except the expressions which make two people one.