The Staff Editorial


President shows off his acting skillsWe’d like to extend a hearty thank you for the laughs provided by President Rosenberg’s video advertising Macalester. Though targeted toward prospective students and alumni, the video resonated particularly well within the current Macalester community. We laughed throughout, though particularly at the Café Mac conversation about Jersey Girls vs. Hegemony. President Rosenberg was clearly a great sport in filming it, and we’re thankful we got to see it.

To view the video, go here:

Fine arts construction

As the school moves forward with plans to remodel the fine arts complex, spending $24 million on the music building and gallery, we’re happy the Administration and the project’s most outspoken proponent, Provost Kathy Murray, are soliciting meaningful student input. On Wednesday, the Provost held a two-hour question session with students about the proposed project, with construction set to begin next summer. One item that was discussed was the possibility of having an all-gender bathroom in the building. We were particularly pleased with the Provost’s genuine willingness to work with students to find space to construct an all-gender bathroom, and it appears that the issue can be rectified in future versions of the blueprints. We’re looking forward to see how the project continues to progress.

Marijuana policy

The news of Res Life stepping up its enforcement of second-time marijuana write-ups is an opportunity for us as a community to reflect. First, we feel it is important to emphasize that marijuana use is still illegal. Second, we believe it is important that individual’s personal space be respected, especially dorm rooms where studying and sleeping are prominent activities. Third, if official statistics provided by the Health and Wellness Center are to be believed, over half of Macalester uses marijuana, suggesting marijuana use isn’t going to just go away with increased enforcement. We’ve all smelled marijuana when walking into a dorm, and that is a problem. Personal space must be respected, and stinking up the hallway violates that respect. We believe you have the right to do what you want by yourself and with your friends, but that does not extend to infringing on the space of other individuals.

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