Staff picks: TV Guilty Pleasures


Back at Mac with no way to watch those guilty pleasures in the lounge without exposing how you spent most of your summer? Not to worry, you’re not alone. This week, The Mac Weekly staff exposes the secret longings we all have for trashy tv at its finest. Presenting the best of the worst American media has to offer:1. America’s Next Top Model – no matter how hard it tries, it just can’t prove that models have brains.

2. Beauty and the Geek – Its premise is that women can’t and don’t want to think. Awesome.

3. Flavor of Love and its spin-off Rock of Love – Flava Flav and Brett Michaels choose among groups of trashy women. What’s not to love?

4. The Hills – A bunch of trendy blondes fighting over three really lame guys who are probably gay anyway.

5. One Tree Hill – It’s kind of like a car wreck: you’re disgusted, but you just can’t look away.

6. Nascar – Not just for Republicans

7. Price is Right – It won’t be the same without Bob Barker, but I think I can safely say that this is definitely the best show ever.

8. The Pick-up Artist – Teaching awkward men to pick up women. I feel like this could be useful at Macalester.

9. Gilmore Girls – An annoying mother-daughter team who change clothes as quickly as they exchange sarcastic comments.

10. Gossip Girls – Bringing the OC to the East Coast.except for it’s not as highbrow.

11. Alias – I never wanted to be an undercover CIA agent until I saw Jennifer Garner in action.

12. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman – Building stereotypes just as fast as they’re broken down.

Settle in with unhealthy snacks and enjoy everything that’s wrong with America!