On campus bike theft increases

By Annie Herald

Bicycles have been stolen from campus racks at a higher rate this year than last. Since students arrived in August, six bikes have gone missing from campus racks. During the 2007-2008 school year, 20 bikes were reported missing.”We are asking bike owners to properly lock their bikes and to check them frequently to make sure they are there,” said Terry Gorman, Director of Safety and Security. However, he added, many locks can be cut through or picked, and checking on your bike is a fairly ineffective security system.

Though measures are being taken to prevent further theft, Gorman said, he recommends preparedness for the possibility your bike will be stolen.

“Be sure to have the make, model, serial number and a photo of the bike on record,” Gorman said. “If it is stolen, we will be able to provide this information to the police.”