MCSG executive candidates make their pitch


The Mac Weekly contacted each of the candidates for a 75 word statement of their goals for next semester. Here are their responses:


Eric Engstrom ’11

This year, I’m running for MCSG President because I want to give back to Macalester for all of the great opportunities that Mac has given to me so far. What I can bring to the table is a good leader who will consider the opinions of the entire student body and not just that of one organization or section. As president I pledge to make our community at Macalester the best it can be.

Rudy Alejandro Herrera Marmol

Olá Macalester !I’m an Economics and Latin American Studies major running for MCSG President. After being part of MCSG since 2007, my approach is simple. I believe that good projects that have shown great future rewards must be continued and; a space for great new ideas must be fostered to create a responsible campus. Id like to facilitate student-MCSG-staff communication and use my qualities as an understanding, friendly, qualified, committed and supportive person/friend to make this happen. Good luck to all candidates.

Vice President

Karen Maeda ’12

As the freshman representative for MCSG this year, I worked in the External Relations Committee; the committee that the Vice President is in charge of. This experience has allowed me to see what is working and what isn’t. If I am to be elected, my plan is to increase cooperation with organizations that represent student interest. In this way, student needs would be met in a more effective manner while increasing visibility of MCSG.

Nkayo Drepaul ’11 had not responded to The Mac Weekly as of press time.

Academic Affairs Commission Chair

Aaron Brown ’10

Howdy, Macalester. I’m a Geography Major senior running for AAC Chair because after a year and a half as an elected official on the legislative body and as various other positions within student government, I’m hoping to spearhead more work on finding cheaper ways for textbooks to be more accessible to the Macalester community. I’m hard working, experienced, approachable, honest, friendly, and I’ll cut the cheesy crap and just politely ask for your vote next week.

Mikey Freedman ’11

To lessen the burden of high book costs, I will renegotiate the bookstore’s unfair buyback policy and create a database for online book buying. I will ask for a reexamination of the questionable way Macalester decides which classes fulfills which graduation requirements, and the way study abroad grades are counted in student’s GPAs. I will ask for the creation of a chart on 1600 grand that tells you what graduation requirements you have and have not fulfilled.

Mo Liu ’12

Strengthen the connections between MAX center and departments: make tutors more helpful. Improve imbalance between strong and weak departments: easy for major selection. Less workload in the first week and students shop around for classes: choosing the most suitable courses.

Student Service Commission Chair

Jackie Hoong ’12

I am a freshmen representative for MCSG this year and also served on the FAC. I understand the major trends going through student orgs and have a good grasp about what issues orgs are facing. Next year, I would like to work on student spaces, have orgs collaborate more thus getting better attended events and allocation of resources, and have easy, transparent access to MCSG. I want to make MCSG a concrete partner for student organizations.

Program Board Chair

Katie Agnew ’11

Having been on the Program Board for the last two years, I make an excellent candidate for Program Board Chair. I served as Off-Campus Events Coordinator and Vice Chair for the 2008-2009 school year, and I have coordinated many successful off-campus trips. My goals for next year are to increase publicity across campus to reach more students, find new ways to gather student input, and collaborate with more organizations on events to unite the campus.

Hank Coshnear ’12 had not responded to The Mac Weekly as of press time.

Financial Affairs Commission Chair

Besjona Kreka ’10

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Timely Communication, Efficiency.many tout these words carelessly, but few manage to incorporate them into their lives, let alone, their style of leadership. I have delivered the promises held in these words for the last two years serving as a member of FAC and fully intend to have them shine as the hallmarks of my period of service if elected to this position. I am ready to go far and beyond in my service to student organizations.

Peter Truax ’10

As a maverick, I will work for students by making sure funding is allocated equitably to all groups who need and deserve it. I will make budgets available to groups in a timely and transparent manner and ensure that that the FAC is available to make certain that the budget process is smooth and fair. Macalester students deserve fiscal openness, fairness and responsibility, and I am the person to deliver it. Remember, maverick!

Laura Bartolomei-Hill ’10

I’m running for Financial Affairs Commission chair. I come to the position with experience as a student government representative and as a student organization leader. I understand how monetary resources and responsive leadership are essential for effectively running a student organization. I would respectfully work with student orgs without sacrificing financial responsibility. Vote Laura for an accessible and accountable FAC!