Food & Drank: FreeStyle Yogurt “It’s a lifstyle, yo”

By Jenny Ledig

Froyo has come to Minnesota. As Sarah Krumholz ’13, remarked while enjoying her frozen treat, “Minnesota, we know you are three years behind on just about everything, but thanks for finally jumping on the froyo trend!” FreeStyle Yogurt is an independent frozen yogurt spot next to Trader Joe’s on the corner of Randolph and Lexington. While it has only been open for a month, the cute and inviting do-it-yourself froyo destination has already built up a loyal client base thanks to the great variety of flavors and toppings, cheap prices and fun gimmicks. One such draw is potentially getting a discount from the base price, $0.40 per oz, but if you’re feeling gutsy, you can spin a Wheel of Fortune style board with the chances of paying as little as $0.35 per oz to as much as $0.47 per oz. The best part is that if you wind up paying overprice this visit, you get a card guaranteeing that you’ll pay under the base price the next time you stop in. Another great aspect is the loyalty card that is linked to your cell phone, so that after your seventh visit you can get a free froyo. FreeStyle features a variety of 14 flavors on a rotating basis and over 50 toppings. The frozen yogurt ranges from the classic, you feel virtuous eating this types like original tart, skinny vanilla, and kiwi strawberry sorbet to more decadent, “I can’t believe it’s not ice cream” flavors like creamy cake batter, white chocolate mousse, and New York cheesecake. You can sample flavors before filling up your dish with your desired combos and moving onto the topping section. The toppings also run the gamut from healthy options like fresh fruit and granola to fun toppings like frosted animal crackers and colorful cereals to novelty toppings like boba and mochi. Both the frozen yogurt and the toppings are so high quality and delicious that it’s easy to get carried away and fill your entire cup to the brim before you know it. FreeStyle looks like it jumped out of the pages of a whimsically preppy Pottery Barn Teen catalog, an equal mix of sorority girl dorm room pink and lime green accents and dry erase boards, and surfer bro, red and white bold prints on surfboard tables. But it works for the new independent restaurant started by a young Californian and the clientele that offers suggestions like “get hammocks” on said dry erase boards. While January isn’t the easiest or most obvious time to open up a frozen yogurt joint in Minnesota, the friendly staff is confident that as the word gets out, business will pick up. One employee noted that it was fun and exciting to introduce the froyo scene to Minnesotans who were typically unfamiliar with the concept that is incredibly popular elsewhere. She commented that there are a few competitors like Menchies, a nationwide chain, as well as a new froyo place that will open on Lexington and Grand, but FreeStyle is proud to be an independent operation offering the lowest prices in town. FreeStyle has a fun ambiance and is the perfect spot to hit up for a D.I.Y. snack anytime. The laid back Cali vibe will make you forget that you’re in Minnesota, even if it’s just for the duration of your visit. And don’t forget to pick up a bumper sticker with the “it’s a lifestyle, yo” slogan on it on your way out. 500 Lexington Pkwy South St. Paul, MN 55116 Mon – Thu: 12:00 pm-9:00 pm Fri – Sat: 11:00 am-10:00 pm Sun: 12:00 pm-9:00 pm refresh –>