Lydia Ainsworth to perform new record at 7th Street Entry
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Lydia Ainsworth to perform new record at 7th Street Entry

Overlooking Los Angeles’ Echo Park is the statue “The Queen of Angels,” which became the inspiration for Lydia Ainsworth’s new record, Darling of the Afterglow. Ainsworth, a Torontonian electro-pop singer, released her album on March 31. She recorded the album in the same Toronto studio where she made her 2014 debut album, Right from Real….

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In response to Kate Ryan Reiling’s “Letter to the Editor”

In the liberal spirit of recent definitions of the word entrepreneur, I apply to myself the same label (now gimme some money, BriRo). The definition of “solv[ing] significant problems” authorizes me to do so, as I myself am trying to correct a huge one that currently besets the Macalester community: that of entrepreneurialism. The way…


Smoke for your life

The object’s manifold beauty demands contemplation: admire the fearful symmetry of a Marlboro or an American Spirit. Or behold the rough-hewn candor of the simple hand-rolled cigarette, the product of a process that does not require but rather invites quiet meditation, introspection, a kind of secular prayer whose logical end is the immolation of the…


The Irresistible Arturo Ui: Play Preview

Monday night marked the first full-dress rehearsal for the actors in Macalester College’s spring drama, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, a work of “Epic Theater” by Bertolt Brecht. This rehearsal began what’s known in theatrical circles as “hell week,” so named for the long, trying hours each member of the production must work before…