Examining Macalester Plymouth Church’s sanctuary designation

On January 30, Macalester students, staff and faculty received an email from Cynthia Hendricks with a familiar subject line: “Message from President Rosenberg.” It was three days after Donald Trump signed the first travel ban attempting to prevent entry of citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen and the Macalester community was…


Macathon and Funkathon highlight entrepreneurship

If you want to have an existential crisis right now, think back to what you accomplished in the past 24 hours. Now compare it to what over 150 students will accomplish February 24 to 25. Participants of Macathon will identify and solve a problem, while Funkathoners will compose and record a piece of original music….


First (Year) Impressions: Living and thriving with new roommates

As we move into second semester, something keeps coming up in my conversations: home. Now that I’ve been back “home” for a month, and have returned to Macalester, I’ve been wondering — where am I more comfortable? In the middle of a conversation over winter break, I found myself saying, “I’ll be flying home mid-January.”…


First (Year) Impressions: Questioning the global outlook

When I was applying to college, way back in the good old days of fall 2015, Macalester stood out to me because of its commitment to internationalism. I wanted to be at a college with diversity in its students, classes and professors. When I heard that of Mac’s core values were internationalism and multiculturalism, it…


First (Year) Impressions: Navigating next semester’s classes

Orientation: check. First week of classes: check. Mid-terms: check. Now that three of the first milestones of the first semester have passed, there’s another to deal with — registering for next semester’s classes. And if you are a Macalester student, you probably already know this because you think about the future—all the time. But at…


First (Year) Impressions: The turkey drop and fledgling fall flings

College relationships are weird. In a way, Macalester is like an educational commune—we all learn, eat, talk and occasionally sleep together. With such close proximity, it’s inevitable that relationships form. But some first years come to campus already in a relationship. Maya Shenoy ’20, has been with her boyfriend since the beginning of her sophomore…


First (Year) Impressions:

Most first years talk about how long they’ve been at Macalester like parents talk about the age of a newborn baby. Café Mac is filled with conversations that start with, “We’ve been here for a whole seven weeks!” But the truth is, us Macalester first-years aren’t even seven weeks in, we’re just shy of two…